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Are you in the market for a top architectural roofer Falls Church VA? Turn to Kelbie Home Improvement, as we specialize in commercial and residential roofing projects, such as repairs and new roof installations.

As an experienced architectural roofer, Kelbie’s roofing experts have decades of experience when it comes to dealing with roofs with a unique structure. There are lots of different factors that can make a roofing project more complex, including the following.

The pitch of the roof is a major factor. A steep pitch is more difficult while working atop the roof, but steep pitch roofs do enjoy much better drainage than roofs with a low angle or even a flat roof. Flat or low-pitch roofs require special engineering to ensure appropriate draining.

There’s also the matter of the roof’s drainage and water flow patterns. It’s important that a roof is engineered in a manner that allows for good drainage.

Specialty roofing materials are also common on architecturally complex roofs and this can require a very experienced roofing installer – just like the team at Kelbie Home Improvement!

The height of the roof is another important consideration, especially for structures that do not have roof access via the interior of the structure. The higher the roof, the more complex and potentially dangerous the repair and maintenance process can be.

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If you’re looking for a top architectural roofer, Falls Church, VA property owners can turn to the professional team at Kelbie Home Improvement. We’re fully bonded, licensed and insured and we stand behind every project we perform! We even see to it that all leftover roofing materials are recycled, so they don’t end up in a landfill!

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Contact the area’s top architectural roofer! Falls Church, VA’s Kelbie Home Improvement is here to offer you a no obligation price quote! Just call 410-ROOFERS. You can also visit our website to know more about architectural roofer Falls Church VA.

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